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  • Make your process evaluation more reliable

    SR::Validate ensures you pass your acceptance tests

    As a rule, you can only determine the key performance indicators (KPIs) that affect efficiency using multiple inputs. But data quality is just as important as data volume – it can have an impact on the reliability of process assessments. SR::Validate is a mathematical method of data validation that you can use to reduce measurement uncertainties during acceptance tests in energy and power plant installations. Your measuring system notifies you of deviations between the raw and validated data and points out maintenance requirements at the measuring points.

    SR::Validate is an extension of our thermodynamic model, which is based on our SR::EPOS application. The system is backed by the computing engine of EBSILON®Professional , which is used to configure the measured value that needs to be validated based on a corresponding component in the model. Thermodynamic balance equations are used for the validation process in addition to the measured value and the corresponding measurement uncertainties. The result is the most probable process condition and the actual uncertainties of calculated quantities.

    SR::Validate capabilities at a glance:

    • Improve plant operation through data validation
    • Receive information for maintenance and maintenance requirements by monitoring the installed measuring system
    • Receive alerts when raw data deviates from validated parameters