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  • Smart solutions for smart operations

    Our systems make you sustainable

    With over 25 years of development history, our state-of-the-art systems are among the best in the business. These IT tools help power plant operators around the world increase the efficiency and availability of their plants and sustain these high levels over the long term. By detecting changes in component behavior early, our solutions improve how you manage your operations. All the information and data analysis that you need is up to date and available around the clock.

    Using thermodynamic modeling, we are able to build a sophisticated optimization model for your process environment, which may include the cold end or the use of pre-heaters. Process optimization is an optional component of performance monitoring – it integrates your plant’s current conditions. We are constantly adapting our solutions in order to maximize the efficiency of our customers’ operating procedures.

    Get a hold of our technology and get a grip on your big data

    Without the right IT system, it’s impossible to properly test and rate the efficiency of the actions you wish to take. Of course, you can also do this using the process data available in the control system. But only if you’re looking at a short period of time. The flood of data that we are confronted with in today’s highly complex plants makes it easy to lose sight of the big picture, and this is where a robust set of data analysis options comes in handy. Without them you simply won’t be able to obtain key performance indicators for essential components and processes or reliably forecast the condition of your plant.

    In order to solve this problem, we have developed versatile systems based on artificial intelligence and thermodynamic modeling that have one goal in mind: increasing the efficiency of all kinds of systems and power plants.