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    SR1 and SR::SPM – life time monitoring for high-stress processes

    Thick-walled components in power plant units have to withstand extreme pressures and temperatures. As a plant ages, uncertainty grows. Material fatigue becomes a problem. How much longer will specific components last? The answer depends heavily on the plant’s operations. Components can fail at any time and pose a safety risk. That’s why it’s essential to know the stress your components are under and evaluate their fatigue level accordingly.

    While in the past the technology limited our ability to integrate pipelines into monitoring systems, now our sophisticated SR1 and SR::SPM systems can provide non-stop surveillance. Working together, these two online applications constantly monitor boiler components and pipelines under high stress that are typically found in power plant steam generators.

    Get back online fast

    SR1 and SR::SPM make component monitoring much less time-consuming than in the past. Operators receive important data on component conditions and can quickly detect critical situations. The tools provide data on total fatigue, material fatigue, expansion change fatigue, and matrices for hours of operation and load changes. The impact of changing modes of operation is precisely evaluated and optimized.

    What does this mean for you? Operators like you will not only be able to comply with regulations and requirements from authorities and insurance agencies, you’ll also be able to schedule required inspections more precisely and extend inspection intervals. And by reducing start-up times and strategically utilizing available off-loads, you’ll get your plant online faster.

    SR::SPM capabilities at a glance:

    • Identify exceptionally high stress areas of the line and reduce inspection time and costs
    • Permanently monitor hanger movements and output appropriate logs for any point in time
    • Permanently monitor pipeline conditions, receive immediate alerts of unexpected stress, and prevent lost service life caused by unexpected stress
    • Use pipeline model libraries to reduce installation and maintenance of measuring equipment

    SR1 capabilities at a glance:

    • Leverage continuous monitoring to create required reports and verifications for the authorities and authorized inspection agencies in order to determine and potentially extend the intervals for legally required periodic inspections
    • Flag components under the highest stress for inspection in order to plan inspections more precisely and effectively
    • Use existing off-loads strategically and reduce start-up times to get power plants back online faster
    • Assess the impact that different unit operating modes can have on material stress. Develop potential unit operational strategies from the analyses.
    • Export monitoring results into a comprehensive data library in order to always have instant access for power plant operations planning.