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  • Big Data and Machine Learning - Increase Availability and Reduce Emissions

    The capacity utilisation of thermal waste treatment plants has risen continuously due to the good economic situation. Since most thermal waste treatment plants have been technically optimised in recent years, a further increase in throughput can usually only be achieved by increasing plant availability.  

    Concrete starting points result from this:

    • Further process optimizations
    • continuous condition and process quality monitoring
    • improved combustion control
    • predictive maintenance strategies
    • innovative, data-based operational management  

    With the modular IT system toolkit from Iqony, based on Machine Learning and Big Data technologies, you are able to optimize processes, maintenance and spare parts management, make better use of plant downtimes and relieve staff. Because high plant availability makes a decisive contribution to sustainably increasing the throughput and thus the profitability of your plant.  

    Monitoring, analyzing, optimizing - our solutions are:  

    • Target-oriented and reliable, since our KI-based early warning System SR::SPC uses online monitoring of important process and status variables to detect even creeping changes in the operating behavior of a thermal waste treatment plant, but only automatically generates an alarm message in the event of relevant deviations.
    • Future-oriented, because the purely data-based analysis enables you to implement an economic predictive maintenance strategy that, for example, enables early, always demand-oriented provision of spare parts.  - Powerful and flexible, because our CMMS (computerized maintenance management System) SI®/PAM  also supports mobile maintenance with its own app for smartphones and tablets.
    • The new system is efficient because optimized KI-based combustion control with the PiT-Navigator increases the efficiency and energy efficiency of a thermal waste treatment plants while simultaneously reducing emissions through highly effective flue gas cleaning (SNCR).

    Many advantages from which you benefit

    • modular expert solutions that can be deployed according to your individual needs and can also be scaled at any time
    • sustainable avoidance of unnecessary damage and cost-intensive plant shutdowns
    • better planning of maintenance measures, e.g. in the course of planned plant shutdowns
    • more cost-effective maintenance through the implementation of economic predictive maintenance strategies
    • higher availability due to constantly optimised plant operation from both a technical and an economic point of view
    • significant reduction in operating costs
    • higher throughput by increasing plant efficiency
    • sustainable success through permanent data comparison with high quality results

    We have been your reliable partner for 25 years and will continue to be so in the future:

    Your plant is in good hands with us, because you benefit from the comprehensive know-how of our experienced power plant engineers and IT experts.  

    We work closely with you right from the planning stage, ensuring a transfer of know-how so that the valuable knowledge and experience of your employees are incorporated into our solutions.  

    We support you in the practical introduction of our IT solutions with customer- and site-specific training courses as well as trainings.  

    During our regular customer days, you have the opportunity to exchange experiences with other users and gain insights into other projects.  

    And even after completion of your project, we will be at your side with our continuous services and ongoing software updates.