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  • Be on the safe side

    Technologies that leverage physics and artificial intelligence to maintain and optimize your plant

    What is critical to the long-term success of your plant operations? Detecting malfunctions and other potential problems. Better yet, detecting them before they occur. It’s about being on the safe side. Our systems can document your entire operations history, identify problematic situations, and even predict them.

    To do this, we leverage the power of physical modeling and big data. The development of computing capacities and algorithms have spawned the era of big data and machine learning – and triggered the megatrend towards digitalization. In the energy industry, the drive towards digital is being fueled by the promise of predictive maintenance. Using data collection, analysis, or control applications, you can tap into big data to draw the right conclusions and learn from that data. Our solutions allow you to take advantage of big data technologies to optimize and maintain your plant.

    EBSILON®Professional models all types of thermodynamic cycle processes and assesses them for efficiency and partial load behavior. It maps new and existing plant cycles and monitors both performance and efficiency (Performance Monitoring).

    SR series prevents system failures and enables preventive maintenance

    Our SR series of applications handles central data management and provides solutions for performance monitoring. It includes modules for central data management, solutions for performance and life time monitoring of components subject to high stress levels, and systems to statistically evaluate performance data. These applications allow you to input and analyze real data from your plant operations in EBSILON®Professional.

    Our SR tools help operators like you to determine the current operating conditions in your plant, for example by monitoring performance and identifying impending problems.