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  • Eliminate doubt with precision planning

    SR::EPOS allows you to seamlessly monitor plant processes

    It’s no secret that operating a power plant isn’t easy in today’s age. Technology is more sophisticated, renewables make for an increasingly competitive environment, and climate protection targets can complicate operations even further. If you want to avoid operations that make little economic sense, there’s one thing you need to pay attention to: You have to be able to reliably evaluate your operations in different modes and increase efficiency even in the partial load range. The key is to systematically monitor and analyze the relevant process parameters. To maintain and sustain efficient operations, you’ll also need to ascertain fuel qualities and detect losses and damage early. 

    Never lose sight of your goals

    Here’s the problem. Changes typically occur gradually and aren’t noticed until it’s too late, resulting in lower efficiency. But if you permanently monitor your plant, you’ll detect any deviation immediately. That’s why we developed our performance monitoring tool. SR::EPOS is based on physical monitoring and a three-tier approach consisting of analysis, optimization, and forecasting of those plant units that affect costs. The application is used for things like setting the optimal cooling water quantity in partial load operation or optimizing soot blowers and mill operations.

    SR::EPOS continuously monitors the technical and environmental aspects of plant operations, routinely evaluates them, and compares them with the latest optimal values. It is based on what-if calculations – pre-configured deviations in operations are continuously and automatically simulated and optimal modes suggested.

    Transparent online diagnostics

    SR::EPOS identifies additional costs that have already accrued and allows you to strategically plan specific measures. The intelligent system tells you how much optimization potential is available in your system, the most cost-effective time to run routine maintenance, and the maximum electrical power that you can generate. The program summarizes the results in online diagnostics. Significant deviations are displayed transparently in process illustrations and trend diagrams – and the data can be exported to tools such as MS Excel for reporting purposes.

    The quality of the input variables from the control system is one of the crucial elements for achieving reliable results. That’s why our system uses VDI-2048-based data validation, a technology that has proven itself in the process and power industries. The process enables a reliable calculation of the probable condition of a system, using statistical quality criteria to individually assess the quality of the measured data and identify malfunctions such as leakages.

    Your convenient computing engine: EBSILON®Professional

    Our thermodynamic cycle calculation program EBSILON®Professional is a one-of-a-kind tool in the industry. It’s the computing engine of SR::EPOS, enabling you to precisely evaluate your plant’s condition by comparing data from your operations to the EBSILON reference model.

    What does this mean for you?

    • Integration of all routine operations and the behavior of each component over the entire load range, from the minimum to the rated load point
    • Detection of deviations in the interaction between individual components in the cycle
    • Validation of measured data with closed energy and mass balances
    • Quantification of the impact that a change in the thermodynamic characteristics of a component or a process parameter will have on the entire process

    With EBSILON®Professional, you have the complete scope of power plant modeling with intuitive graphic user interfaces (GUI): solar libraries, detailed boiler modeling, cooling tower illustration, to name only a few – always up to date and state of the art.

    SR::EPOS capabilities at a glance:

    • Permanently monitor and evaluate your power plant processes
    • Determine and model process and component data
    • Get information about the optimization potential in your system
    • Determine the most cost-effective time to run routine maintenance
    • Estimate the maximum electrical power under certain operational and technical conditions
    • Increase your plant’s availability
    • Optimize your plant operations
    • Optimize your maintenance operations

    PADO supports conventional power supply in India

    Alongside EBSILON®Professional, PADO is one of our optimization applications designed to increase efficiency. We originally designed PADO, which stands for Plant Analysis, Diagnosis and Optimization, for India – a country that uses wind and solar power but relies mostly on conventional power plants to supply energy to its roughly 1.3 billion people. However, the majority of these plants are quick to hit maximum capacity because they are not equipped to deal with fluctuating energy needs. That’s where we come in. We offer our experience to support operations engineers with their planning and maintenance activities. PADO delivers performance data, giving operators a quick look at how efficiently and economically their plant is performing.

    This software package consists of modules out of our SR series, led by SR::x – our powerful data management system, which is able to process and archive high volumes of data from many different sources with remarkable ease and efficiency.