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    Extremely flexible and usable anywhere: SI®/PAM Mobile App

    Not infrequently, the maintenance of technical equipment is estimated as a pure cost center without any added value. If you want to remain competitive as an operator and respond to growing challenges with streamlined operations, you should take a closer look at your plant's work processes. With the help of our tools, you will find that there are many possibilities for improvement. This starts with the planning and extends from the control to the documentation.

    CMMS for companies that reach their limits

    With the computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) SI®/PAM, workflows can be decisively accelerated and optimized. In addition, investment decisions can be planned sustainably and meaningfully. Irrespective of the sector, the O&M system SI®/PAM is used in technical systems of all kinds.

    The system for computerized maintenance is the tool of choice when a company reaches its limits with traditional programs such as Excel. The O&M system SI®/PAM maps the entire range of technical operations management as an integrated, database-supported application - even directly at defined points in the system itself. This is made possible by the supplementary App SI®/PAM Mobile. On-site, the app facilitates maintenance, inspections, jamming and maintenance.

    This can be SI®/PAM:

    • Flexibility to adapt to the individual requirements of your plant.
    • Industry-independent and applicable in numerous areas (energy supply, waste recycling plants, manufacturing companies, mechanical and plant engineering, facility management, etc.).
    • Optional use of standards such as KKS, RDS-PP, plant data schemes according to VGB R171.
    • Project-specific features can usually be implemented without programming effort.
    • Simple organization of procedures and processes.
    • Transparent mapping of operations.
    • Decisive basis for legally compliant documentation.
    • Comfortable and practical operator guidance.
    • Productively usable after a short project planning and implementation, therefore fast amortization
    • Demand-oriented adaptation through different modules.

    That's what SI®/PAM Mobile can do:

    • Full functionality of the central cmms system can also be used during on-site activities.
    • Customer-specific configuration on the server application of CMMS SI®/PAM is always available during mobile maintenance.
    • Compared to the PDA version, more data can be used and edited offline in the course of on-site activities.
    • Convenient synchronization of data between central CMMS and smartphone or tablet via WLAN or USB Interface.