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  • Is your power plant fit for the future?

    Increasing the efficiency of combined cycle power plants through groundbreaking digitalisation

    The scheduled, foresighted operation and efficient maintenance of a gas and steam power plant as well as a gas-fired power plant require precise knowledge of the current plant condition and its history. The necessary data for this already exist due to the high automation of such plants. The only thing is to increase their potential.

    With Iqony's IT systems, you achieve high added value, because we systematically use existing operating data to continuously increase the availability, efficiency and performance of your power plant in line with your economic and ecological objectives.  

    Observe, evaluate, optimize - our solutions  

    Through the online monitoring of important process and status variables with our early warning system SR::SPC, you can very quickly detect deviations from the operating behaviour of your plant by means of automatic alarms and can therefore always react in good time. Based on groundbreaking KI methods such as Machine Learning, SR::SPC converts Big Data into valuable information using neural networks and thus forms a decisive basis for efficient predictive maintenance.  

    By continuously monitoring process quality from a technical and economic point of view with SR::EPOS, you can specifically identify optimization potentials in power plant operation. Essential components of a combined cycle power plant or a gas-fired power plant are evaluated cyclically and deviations from the current expected value are assessed within the scope of an online diagnosis. The evaluation of a single-shaft turbine is also possible with the aid of data validation on the basis of VDI 2048. SR::EPOS thus enables qualified prioritisation of individual deviations in order to plan necessary measures in a very targeted manner.

    Many advantages from which you benefit  

    Valuable decision-making aid:  

    • recognize how a change in the performance of components affects the efficiency of the entire plant
    • Reliable determination of max. and min. power, current losses and efficiencies by identification of mobile load points based on:
      • changing ambient conditions
      • different decoupled process heat and district heating quantities
      • varying operating modes in the cold end area
    • optimized plant operation from a technical, economic and ecological point of view
    • sustainable reduction of operating costs
    • noticeable increase in plant efficiency due to higher efficiency and optimum operation even under low or partial load conditions  

    Detailed insight into the process:  

    • intensive analysis of the process and the measured values already during project implementation
    • Targeted operating mode optimization and planning of maintenance measures through offline analyses with thermodynamic power plant models 
    • early identification of anomalies in operational behaviour already in the early project phase

    Sustainable success through high reliability:  

    • high precision through permanent data synchronization (improved database)
    • reliable exclusion of false alarms by data validation before automatic alarming
    • high quality of the results through application of the quality criteria of VDI 2048
    • high quality evaluations are not influenced by faulty measurements
    • early plausibility check of the installed measurement sensors and identification of unwanted driving modes already during implementation  

    Optimized operational management through early warning system:  

    • sustainable avoidance of unnecessary damage
    • better planning of maintenance measures, e.g. through "Smart Maintenance" on the basis of predictive maintenance
    • accurate detection of performance deficits
    • future-proof investment in a solution from experts who have been active in the energy sector for decades

    We have been your reliable partner for 25 years and will continue to be so in the future:  

    Right from the start of the project, we work closely with you to ensure a continuous transfer of know-how so that the profound knowledge and valuable experience of your employees can flow into our models.  

    The implementation of our solutions is accompanied by various customer- and location-specific training courses.  

    In addition, we also support you after completion of the project with our wide range of customer-specific services.