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  • Routine cleaning? Only when you really have to!

    SR::BCM for coal-fired steam generators

    Soot is a natural byproduct of burning coal. It gradually soils the heating surfaces in coal-fired plants, which inevitably reduces the boiler’s efficiency. The obvious solution is to routinely clean the surfaces – a time-consuming and costly process that sometimes isn’t absolutely necessary. But there’s a better way. Our boiler management technology – SR::BCM – is an application specifically designed to determine the optimal cleaning time. You can also set it to control your soot blowing process directly and automatically using a closed-loop operation. As soon as it determines that cleaning is required, SR::BCM alerts the control system, which initiates the soot blowing process.

    Every detail, any time

    SR::BCM uses data collected during operation to make an ongoing and in-depth assessment of your plant’s condition. Combined with a detailed thermodynamic model of the steam generator, the application generates information that cannot be measured directly. The system reliably detects filth on each individual heating surface while checking injections as well as steam and flue gas temperatures. SR::BCM automatically stores all data, making it possible to run reliable long-term analyses.

    SR::BCM capabilities at a glance:

    • Control soot blower automatically using a closed-loop process
    • View all soot blowing data in a transparent display
    • Predefine diagrams and run quick and easy analyses
    • Easily integrate external systems (sensor or camera-based) into the soot blowing strategy
    • Calculate optimal cleaning times for individual blower group based on criteria and cost
    • Adapt soot blowing strategy based on fuel type
    • Allow operators to manage configurations