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  • How can our systems optimize your plant?

    The answer is simple – they predict the future

    Today, operating a energy assets is more demanding than ever before. Efficiency losses, unplanned downtimes, production stoppages, or lost expertise resulting from personnel changes make the long-term, safe, and economic operation of new or existing power plants increasingly difficult. With their share of the power supply worldwide now at around 25%, weather-dependent, renewable energy sources are also playing an increasingly significant role. Hydropower may top the list, but wind and solar power are growing at remarkable rates. Operators are now faced with faster load changes and more frequent startups and shutdowns, which present challenges for conventional plants that were originally designed as base and intermediate load facilities. What the industry needs are new approaches to enhance versatility.

    Combining knowledge and information

    Components don’t normally wear out from one day to the next. Instead it’s a creeping process. Now imagine the feeling of knowing how rare it is for the components in your plant to fail or even to malfunction, because you have a system in place that reliably detects wear and enables you to prevent problems during routine maintenance. Imagine a reality in which you always know the current consumption of your system or power plant unit so that you can locate and assess possible losses at any time. In this scenario, maintenance costs and unplanned downtimes fall sharply. You use scheduled downtime for maintenance and can organize your personnel strategically.

    Sounds almost too good to be true? Using advanced IT solutions, setups of this kind have been possible for quite a while. Whether you operate coal, gas, solar, or wind power plants, thermal waste treatment facilities, or cement plants, our versatile systems optimize your operations from both a technical and economical standpoint – and they offer you an online platform to centrally and interactively monitor your operations in order to unlock the power of integrated knowledge and information.

    We make it easy

    With our technology to monitor, analyze, diagnose, and optimize your operations, you can maximize your company’s potential, reduce operating costs, and increase the availability of your plant. And we make it easy to get you started, with turnkey solutions that our specialists set up for you on site. Our engineers are at your service and ready to share their expertise at all times throughout the entire process, which includes training your operators.

    Our IT Solutions