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  • Always available right from the start

    Your entire maintenance and control system in one app

    Our performance monitoring and maintenance applications, which have proven themselves in conventional power plants, are just as important for the steam cycle in solar thermal power plants.

    Solar power plant operators know just how vital it is for electricity and heat production to be available at all times. As in other technical systems, you have to run a comprehensive assessment of the status at implementation, identify optimization potential, and locate changes to or stress on individual components early.

    A versatile operations management solution in the planning phase can make all the difference

    You can safeguard your maintenance and ensure availability with our customized maintenance planning and control systems. Designed for many different industries, our highly versatile operations management solutions can be put to use in the early testing phases, allowing you to integrate the plant’s requirements with regard to organization and responsibilities right from the start. If you utilize technology to monitor conditions and performance when installing your system, you’ll also benefit from important and reliable radiation forecasts. Our applications continuously compare your live operations – including photovoltaic systems – with reference data, detecting changing conditions, such as dirty mirror elements, early.

    The size of large solar and wind farms makes it difficult to carry out ongoing maintenance operations. To solve this problem, Iqony has developed an app to give you access to your complete maintenance and control system and all the important information it contains.