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  • Maintenance now made easy

    CMMS SI®/PAM optimizes operations and reduces costs

    Maintaining your plants will become increasingly important the more you have to face rising market challenges. You have to identify and take advantage of potential benefits, from planning to management to documentation, otherwise you won’t be able to guarantee optimized operations.

    The CMMS SI®/PAM (plant asset management) is our smart maintenance and control system. It allows you to optimize and permanently improve nearly all relevant workflows and processes, making it easier to maximize potential, streamline processes, and safeguard investments in your plant assets. And you can do it from anywhere using our SI®/PAM-Mobile app.

    The O&M system SI®/PAM is....

    • versatile: adapt it to your unique requirements
    • universal: use it in many industries (energy supply, waste processing, manufacturing, machine and plant engineering, facility management, etc.)
    • versatile: take advantage of options to apply standards like KKS, RDS-PP, and plant data schemas based on VGB R171
    • customizable: tailor it to your individual project specifications with little or no programming.
    • efficient: plan workflows and processes effortlessly
    • transparent: clearly display your operating procedures and processes
    • compliant: build a solid document library for compliance and other legal requirements
    • intuitive: enjoy simple, practice-based navigation
    • field-tested: rely on decades of experience in operations management and control of plants
    • economical: get rapid return on investment – only a brief project planning and implementation process is needed before integrating into production
    • modular: pick and choose the modules you need to meet your requirements