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  • As versatile as a planning tool can be

    EBSILON®Professional for the design of power plants

    Are you rebuilding a plant or are you thinking about repowering and retrofitting? Are you looking for a tool to plan, design and optimize your power plant? If it can predict the degree of efficiency and behavior in any operating situation, the better? Then you are right with us, because the right software for your needs is only available from Iqony. We are developer, monitoring center and sole supplier of EBSILON®Professional.

    Transparent, flexible and fast

    The innovative system with its functional additional modules is based on the modeling of thermodynamic cycle processes and evaluates them reliably with regard to efficiency and partial load behavior. It maps new and existing circuits of power engineering plants, including conventional power plants, nuclear and solar power plants, desalination plants and fuel cell applications. The great strengths of EBSILON®Professional lie in the open and transparent software structure and the extremely fast calculation of the system parameters.
    That's what EBSILON®Professional can do

    • Convenient analysis and presentation of results
    • Intuitive modeling with graphical user Interface
    • Comprehensive component and material data libraries are available
    • Intelligent fault analysis and online help
    • Open software architecture and powerful Interfaces
    • Multilingual user interface and documentation (German, English, French, Spanish, Turkish and Chinese)