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  • You have to find the problem in order to fix it

    People and performance indicators are the keys to optimization

    Backed by our highly specialized system technologies, we analyze complex systems in power plants and other energy-intensive installations. The first step is to take an in-depth look at the technical processes. This way we ensure that the analysis and technical data is always up to date. We are hardwired to take a global approach to improving efficiency, reducing maintenance costs, and deploying human resources efficiently.

    To optimize efficiency, you need to collect data on the current heat consumption in your system and make a quantitative assessment of the sources of your losses. Without an analysis of these factors, you won’t be able to locate deviations from target figures nor rate the efficiency of suitable countermeasures.

    Protect what you know

    An ongoing analysis of your data is also essential for human resources. When key personnel leave, you often lose valuable expertise along with them. It takes a long time to build that back up, and you can never be sure that you’ll completely restore it. By putting technology to work for you, you can capture and pass on knowledge and experience.

    It all starts with an analysis – the cornerstone of any optimization process. And in order to evaluate the actual condition of a process and its key components, that analysis has to include the standard key performance indicators (KPIs) specified for the different process measurement functions. They are based exclusively on the plant conditions and not on the actual operating or environmental conditions.