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  • Power plant operators face new challenges

    Making coal more economical and versatile

    Although the energy market is one of the most dynamic markets on the planet, coal remains today an important part of a safe and economical energy mix. We are constantly striving to develop ways to make coal more economical and versatile, monitoring all processes in our own Iqony power plants in order to continuously improve and optimize. We study factors such as the varying coal qualities on the world market, load sequence requirements resulting from the supply of renewable energies, as well as higher availability and operating time. We know all too well that today’s power plant operators face vastly different challenges than just a few years ago.

    Flexible solutions are the only way to ensure that you increase efficiency and profitability. The technology we have developed allows you to map your entire operations management system, precisely monitor all plant processes, increase transparency, and help you both improve and maintain workflows and safety.